Boxer briefs and trunks are both types of men's underwear that offer a combination of the support and coverage of traditional boxers with the fit and feel of briefs. However, there are some subtle differences between the two styles.

Boxer briefs are a longer, more form-fitting style of underwear that extend down to the mid-thigh, covering more of the leg than traditional briefs. They are often made of stretchy, breathable fabric and are designed to provide support and comfort while also reducing chafing and sweating.

Trunks, on the other hand, are a shorter style of underwear that extend down to the upper thigh, covering less of the leg than boxer briefs. They are often made of the same stretchy, breathable fabric as boxer briefs and offer a similar level of support and comfort. However, because they are shorter, they may be less suitable for athletic activities or for wearing under looser-fitting pants.

Overall, the main difference between boxer briefs and trunks is the length of the leg. Boxer briefs are longer and provide more coverage, while trunks are shorter and have a more streamlined fit.