Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) typically wear special sleep garments when they sleep in space. These garments are designed to be comfortable, functional, and easy to wear in the weightless environment of the ISS.

The sleep garments worn by astronauts on the ISS typically consist of a pair of long johns or thermal underwear and a long-sleeved top. The top is made from a soft, stretchy material and has a zipper front, so it can be easily put on and taken off. The long johns are also made from a stretchy material and have a drawstring waistband to help keep them in place.

In addition to the sleep garments, astronauts may also wear a sleeping bag or liner to provide extra warmth and insulation. The sleeping bag is attached to the wall of the ISS using Velcro strips, so it doesn't float away while the astronaut is sleeping.

Overall, the sleep garments worn by astronauts in space are designed to be comfortable and functional, helping to ensure that they get a good night's rest while they are away from Earth.