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Introducing Wair Living, a company that's revolutionizing the men's underwear and socks game. Born in 2022 to meet the needs of a post-COVID-19 world, our products are designed with health, safety, and sustainability in mind.

Our Founders, Mason and Li were both passionate about football when they were in high school. They played on the same team and became good friends through their shared love of the sport. After graduating, they both pursued careers in engineering, with Mason working for a tech company and Li starting his Tesla data analyst job.

As they got older, Mason and Li both noticed that they often struggled to find comfortable, high-quality underwear that could keep up with their active/creative lifestyles, uncomfortable. Discomfort from underwear always interrupts their creative state of mind at inopportune times, causing them to miss many sparks of creativity. They decided to try and create their own brand of underwear that would meet their needs.

With their engineering backgrounds and a shared passion for innovation,They set out to develop the most comfortable underwear on the market. They spent countless hours researching materials and testing prototypes, seeking feedback from friends and family along the way.

Finally, they settled on a design that they felt confident would be a hit with their target audience: creators like themselves who valued comfort, durability, and style. They named their brand "Wair" as a nod to their shared passion for sports and the importance of comfort.

With the help of a small team of advisors and a crowdfunding campaign,Mason and Li were able to bring Wair to market. It quickly gained a loyal following, with customers raving about the comfort and quality of the underwear. 

The team were thrilled to see their idea come to life and make a difference for so many people, hence to make Wair thus far. 

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