Characteristics of popular fabrics


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  1. Cotton fabric is a fabric made of cotton yarn or a blend of cotton and chemical fibres. It is comfortable to wear and has good air permeability and moisture absorption. It is a well-liked fabric with excellent functionality. It can be classified into two groups: cotton blends and items made entirely of cotton. Cotton is usually used in women's panties and men's brief boxers.
  1. Silk fabric is a luxurious type of material. mostly refers to textiles made primarily from mulberry silk, pressed silk, rayon, and synthetic thread. It benefits from being light, thin, silky, soft, elegant, lovely, and comfy. Some luxury brands tend to choose silk as the fabric for their clothes, and at the same time, they also like to use silk for women's loungewear sets.

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    1. Fabrics made of purified fibers: People adore chemical fibre fabrics for their hardness, good elasticity, fastness, wear resistance, and ease of storage and collection. Fabrics made from pure chemical fibers are known as pure fiber fabrics. The features of the chemical fiber itself play a significant role in determining its qualities. Chemical fiber is lengthened or shortened depending on the application and then transformed into silk, cotton, linen, elastic wool, and medium-length wool-like fabrics using various techniques. Purified fiber fabrics are often used to make brief underwear and ball pouch underwear because of their good fastness, elasticity, firmness, wear resistance and washability, and ease of storage.

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    1. Hemp fabrics: Hemp fabrics refer to both fabrics made entirely of hemp fibers and fabrics that have been blended or woven with hemp and other fibers. Hemp materials often have a firm texture, are rough and stiff, are cool and comfortable, and have good moisture absorption. They make excellent textiles for summer clothes. Pure spinning and blending are the two categories into which hemp fabrics fall.
    1. Wool fabric: a fabric made of wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, and wool-type chemical fiber as the main raw materials. Generally wool is the main material. It is a high-end clothing fabric throughout the year, with good elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and firmness. , Durable and wear-resistant, strong warmth, comfortable and beautiful, and pure color advantages, deeply welcomed by consumers.


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