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When you enter a store at various seasons of the year, you could notice variations in the selection of apparel. The Wair Living brief underwear R&D process includes an important component that considers the link between the four distinct seasons and fabric. The fabrics of a clothing must change from season to season. We can adapt to changing weather and climatic changes by changing our clothing. We will stay warm on chilly days and cool on warm days thanks to various textiles. The seasonal appropriateness of materials and how they connect to the seasons should be understood by all fashion professionals.


Spring Springtime materials need to be able to withstand temperatures that can change from warm to chilly. Springtime is the ideal time to wear fabrics like cotton, canvas, and tropical wool. Add spring pieces in fresh hues, designs, and patterns to transform a winter wardrobe into the new season. The development of the long leg boxer briefs and brief underwear for spring also needed to consider the unstable temperature changes, while the collection developed for spring will also include more colours of fabric to choose from, and our underwear will take you from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring.
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On hot days, summer materials provide a fresher sensation by absorbing perspiration and allowing airflow. In warmer areas, summer materials like cotton, silk, and linen are frequently used. Cotton is particularly well-liked since it is cool, breathable, and cosy. Cotton and silk are two textiles that may change with the seasons due to weight and colour variations. Anti-bacterial and breathability are the first things we consider when developing summer boxer underwear for men. The body sweats more during the hot summer months and it is important that the fabric of the underwear is breathable for the health of our private areas. At the same time, men's boxer briefs and men's board shorts on summer days should be quick-drying and incorporate antibacterial technology.
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Fall is often a warm season. You should layer pieces made of woven cotton, spandex, and silk to stay cool on warm fall days. Choose hues that are darker than those worn in spring or summer to help a clothing transition to fall. Because they may be layered, fall clothing can be worn into winter. In the development of our autumn boxers, we take into account the unstable weather elements and prepare for the upcoming winter. In terms of colour, we tend to prepare darker-coloured fabrics to make the men's brief boxers look visually warmer.
keep "hotty" or keep "cool" as your wish even during changing seasons
Wools of many types, including worsted, cashmere, angora, and mixes, are used to make winter textiles. Leather, tweed, and other knit textiles are other materials that fend against chilly temperatures, savage winds, and wetness. Fabrics for the fall and winter are often stronger than those for the spring and summer.
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