10 Reasons You Need Our 3D-Printed Slides


  1. Innovative Design: The inception of Wair Slide 1 began with a vision to innovate traditional slide designs.
  2. Carbon DLS Technology: Our partnership with Carbon brought Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, turning design dreams into tangible realities.
  3. EPU 40 Material: The quest for a perfect material led us to EPU 40, embodying the comfort we envisioned.
  4. Unique Honeycomb Geometry: Our design philosophy blossomed into a unique honeycomb geometry, offering an oasis of comfort with every step.
  5. Inspiration from High-Performance Midsoles: Aspiring to embed excellence into our slides akin to high-performance midsoles.
  6. Style Meets Comfort: Every curve and contour is a marriage of modern aesthetics and unrivaled comfort.
  7. Sustainable Manufacturing: Embracing 3D printing was a stride towards sustainable manufacturing, reducing waste.
  8. Market Competitiveness: Wair Slide 1 is our competitive foray into the 3D-printed footwear arena.
  9. High Performance: Crafted for the daily journey, our slides promise a high-performance experience.
  10. Stepping into the Future: Each pair of slides is a step into a future where comfort, style, and sustainability stride hand in hand.

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