The Secret to Crafting the Lettuce Ball Oasis


If you're navigating the labyrinth of daily life, with its stress, distractions, and general chaos, you're going to need something way more advanced than your average stress ball. Enter the Lettuce Ball, available now via our Kickstarter campaign.

Last week, we hinted that we've been deep-diving into the possibilities of 3D printing, and many of you asked us what that could possibly culminate into.

Well, here it is: the Lettuce Ball. This isn't your grandma's stress ball.

While it may look like a playful orb, it's a complex engineering feat. Fashioned using our proprietary 3D printing technology, the ball offers a unique lattice structure that's both insanely resilient and satisfyingly squeezable.

Every nuance of the Lettuce Ball is purpose-built for modern life's challenges. Whether you're a student wrestling with exam stress, a programmer in search of that eureka moment, or a pet owner looking for a safe and fun toy for your four-legged friend, this ball has you covered.

The inspiration for the Lettuce Ball didn't come from a vacuum. It actually stemmed from our initial exploration into 3D-printed recovery slides. The moment we realized its potential, we knew we were onto something big.

And no, we didn't need to binge-watch sci-fi classics to realize the future of stress relief could be 3D-printed. Although, if this were a movie, the Lettuce Ball would definitely be the hero's trusted sidekick, always there to lend a hand—or in this case, a squeeze.

So, whether you're juggling deadlines, traversing emotional landscapes, or simply trying to find a moment of Zen in a hectic world, the Lettuce Ball is your go-to sanctuary, right in your pocket.

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