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Mk1 Pro: Soft and Comfortable Trunks for Spring

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Step up your underwear game with Mk1 Pro Eversoft Daily Briefs Boxer. These briefs are made with Lenzing Modal, which is sourced from beech trees and is 2X softer than cotton.

The adaptive-Fit™ prevents the briefs from rolling up, and the heat-fushioned body with 0 seam provides ultimate comfort. 1.5X better moisture-wicking than cotton means you'll stay dry and comfortable all day long. Upgrade your underwear drawer today with Mk1 Pro Eversoft Daily Briefs.

  1. 🌲 | Lenzing Modal from beech tree
  2. ☁️ | 2X softer than cotton
  3. 🌬 | 1.5X better moisture-wicking 
  4. 🤾‍♀️ | Adaptive-Fit™ to prevent roll-up
  5. 🏆 | Heat-fushioned body with 0 seam

Who says comfort has to come at a price? With Eversoft Daily Briefs Boxer,  you can have the best of both worlds. These briefs are made from Lenzing Modal, which is sourced from beech tree pulp and is 2X softer than cotton.

Not only that, but they also have adaptive-Fit™ technology to prevent roll-up, as well as a heat-fushioned body with 0 seams for maximum comfort. Plus, they're 1.5X better at moisture-wicking, so you'll stay cool and dry all day long.

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